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"Lei-Shing Ind., Co., Ltd."was established in 1991 and is based in Hong Kong. The company has production plants in Shijie Town, Guangdong Province and Yudu County, Jiangxi Province, specializing in all aspects of garment production and processing. Its business includes various types of apparel products, with a focus on computer embroidery, computer or manual beadwork, adhesive patching, hang tags, laser cutting, hot-fix rhinestone application, screen printing, and heat transfer printing, among others.
Products include:
Embroidered badges, clothing, uniforms, Chinese decorations, various textiles, fashion accessories, decorative items, eco-bags and etc ......
Lei Shing's corporate mission is "serving customers, developing businesses, produce good clothings, and benefiting employees."
Serving customers
Developing businesses
With the spirit of excellence, we strive for perfection in every product and add brilliance to each piece of clothing, making the wearer more confident and elegant.
Produce good clothings
We insist on putting people first, maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of employees, actively creating conditions for the comprehensive development of employees, sharing the achievements of enterprise development, and realizing the common development of employees.
benefiting employees.
The above four aspects of the mission reflect the mutual coordination of interests between the company and employees, the coordination of current and long-term development, the coordination of the company with society and the environment, and the pursuit of the meaning of survival and development and dreams.
We adhere to the business policy of emphasizing quality, service, and reputation, providing customers with better, faster, and more comprehensive services, and challenging more impossibilities.
We continuously develop new techniques, ensure quality, enhance the highlights and attractiveness of our clothing, strive to enhance market competitiveness, and pursue sustainable development.
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